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Connecting for Wellness and Sustainability

It takes a village to create Evening Meals at School. Island farmers are planting and growing food specifically for the meals. Neighbors are gleaning and donating produce from their own back yard gardens and orchards. Volunteers are buzzing around everywhere: while some handle publicity before the event, others make centerpieces, set tables with flowers and tea lights, take donations at the door, help in the serving line, bus tables and stay until the last dish is dried.

Using the school cafeteria as a community center, Evening Meals at School encourages community interaction and healthier individuals. When they see their neighbors, parents and friends excited about eating organic meals, children accustomed to fast food learn to make healthier choices. The dinners are as nurturing as they are nourishing. For many youngsters, this is their first family-style communal meal.  

Michael Stone, senior editor at The Center for Ecoliteracy and former managing editor of Whole Earth magazine, expressed his admiration for the program. "Lopez is doing things that I haven't seen elsewhere. They're involving the whole community. Students and farmers; the school superintendent, principal and food service director; teachers, parents, community activists - all these people working together really impresses me." 

Gourmet Recipes
Chef Kim Bast (formerly of the Bay Café) and Jean Perry (owner of Vortex Café) collaborate and create the gourmet menus that feature such dishes as Tomato Panzanella, White Bean and Pumpkin Chili, Lamb Sausage, Bulgur Wheat Pilaf, Sauteed Winter Greens and Chocolate-Blackberry-Beet-Brownies.

Download the complete collection of Evening Meal recipes or select just one favorite.



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